Tech Jobs Night - Vol. 1

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Welcome to Tech Jobs Night!
This event is targeted to people that are interested in working at high potential startups, as well as for people that want to hear stories about how early employees of growing companies were lead to success.

For the very first time, we're connecting a carefully curated selection of startups hiring developers, designers and product managers with the largest pool of international talents in Tokyo. 🚀

Discover the life of a startup employee through company pitches focused on a single purpose: convincing you to join them.
Connect with the right companies, and get a chance to showcase the skills you know will matter for them.


• 6:00 pm - Doors Open
• 6:15 pm - Matching Session
- Personalized lists of startups to check out 📋
- Hot desks available for 5 min speed-interviews ⌛️

• 7:30 pm - Pitch Session
- Organizers introduction (10 min) 😎
- Guest Speaker (10 min) 🎤
- Startup Pitches: Why should you join us? (40 min) 🍑

• 8:30 pm - Networking Session
- Mingle around 🍻 and snacks.

• 10:00 pm - Venue Closes

Fee : Donation Based to help us keep doing these events





Le Wagon - Tokyo:
Tokyo Tech Startups:

This event will include a networking session where you will be able to meet entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts from all around the world.

Who we are
We are a group of entrepreneurs/engineers who have a strong interest in tech and startups. We share a common goal to grow and serve Tokyo’s tech and startup ecosystem.


• What should I bring as a job seeker?
Bring your resume and business cards! Connecting directly through LinkedIn during the event is also a good option, so have your 📱 fully charged.