Contribute Your Code 1: Volunteering session for beginners and expert devs


Are you an experienced developer or designer looking for a small project to contribute to?
Are you learning how to be a developer or designer and are looking for a small project to gain experience on?
Do you have a couple of hours to kill on a Saturday?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we would like you to join us at our contribution/mentoring.

A year ago we decided that we wanted to try and activate the community towards working on developing technology related solutions to social causes.

We realized two things over the years:
1. Sometimes people would like to donate their time/experience towards helping others.
2. There are a lot of people looking for simple ways to get experience/mentorship.

Starting this month, we will be holding regular volunteering/contribution/mentoring/pair design/pair programming sessions to address both of those two realizations. And we'll be doing it while focusing specifically on social impact and sustainable causes.

Join us this Saturday to look at the first set of curated issues and understand a little bit more about the process.

For now, the process is simple, we work on issues in teams remotely and in person once a month. There is no hard commitment but there are a lot of details to share.

If you're interested in helping out then join us otherwise the regular Dev Japan event will start at 2PM.

Additional details will be shared as we get closer to the event.

As this is the first event of this type in hopefully a long/ongoing series of contributions we're still figuring things out. But here is a summary of the agenda so far:

- Greetings
- Introductions/Description
- Oral Survey/Information Gathering (Who are you, whats your background, whats your level)
- Project Introduction
- Work Flow & Tool Introduction
- Team Formation
- Role Assignment
- Assignment Analysis and Issue Assignment (if time allows)
- Pair/Group Programming (if time allows)

Name - Status - Description
Sustainability Simulation - Requirements/Initiation - A platform that companies can use to improve or develop their sustainability and social change transformation.

Orphanage Attendance - Requirements/Initiation - Orphanages in Japan have trouble keeping track of where their children are. Using a vein reader technology build a web app that can help keep track of the children as they move between school, club, and tutoring.

Physical Limitations VR - Requirements/Initiation - In order to improve the quality of life of for individuals who are physically handicapped, create a platform that allows them to gain travel/tourisim experience through VR.

Spring Voice - Development - The laws about sexual violence in Japan are horrible. Spring is an NGO that works to raise awareness about these laws so that they can be changed. They have a manual process for petitioning and raising awareness. Our goal is to build them a mobile app and administration dashboard to make the process more scalable.

------------------------------DISCLAIMERS & DISCLOSURES------------------------------

Full Disclosure:
Caven started a social enterprise called SIVENTH whose mission is to provide technology based solutions for social impact causes. This is done while providing mentorship and volunteering opportunities to people across the globe. The intention is to drive this mission using Dev Japan as a base. (A social enterprise is a for profit company whose core mission is to help people BEFORE making any profit. Goodwilll and Ashoka are examples of famous social enterprises.)

p.s. Normally there is a co-hosted Women and Non-Binary event that happens before Dev Japan but for the month of February this event has been delayed until March. We are still looking for an appropriate time/format for the volunteering session but figured that this month might be good since we already have access to the space.