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DevOps Institute SKILup Europe is a community for people interested in DevOps around Europe. We meet regularly online and in-person and are open to all who want to talk about anything DevOps. We provide the platform to connect, engage, and collaborate with others from around the world and just around the corner.

DevOps Institute is a global learning community focused exclusively on all things DevOps. Our mission is to empower the people who power IT, by giving them both the technical and personal skills to truly transform their business with technology. Offering deep practical knowledge, a large professional network, respected certification programs, and insider events, DevOps Institute helps IT professionals embrace and shape the future of IT.

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SKILup Day Site Reliability Engineering

Network event

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The practice of SRE has risen to a must-have engineering practice for enterprises seeking to accelerate digital transformations or re-engineer their interfaces to digital-first. During our SRE research, 62% of survey respondents said that they are leveraging SRE. As enterprises are implementing SRE in their respective teams, by developing and adjusting the best practices introduced by Google, this operating model continuously gains attention from decision-makers within IT.

Our SRE research has also highlighted a variety of benefits from adopting SRE: teams that have adopted SRE perceived their company as leaders across customer experience and the quality and speed of innovation across different products, offerings, processes or services. Continuously improving customer experience and the speed of innovation requires attention for digital transformations or digital-first to succeed. But there are also challenges associated with the adoption of SRE, such as finding people who are skilled and knowledgeable to step into this new role and operating model.

At this event, you will meet leading SRE experts and practitioners who will share their stories of SRE implementations. You will gain invaluable insights into how SRE practices have accelerated their entry into the digital economy and how their investment has provided returns in business and customer outcomes.

## Who should Attend?

  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Heads of Engineering
  • Product Managers and Owners
  • Software Engineers
  • CIO/CTOs
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Architects and Engineers
  • Platform Engineers
  • IT Operations Analysts and Engineers

## What will you Learn?

  • How to start an SRE journey and how to scale
  • How to implement SRE practices within a variety of industries and organizations
  • What gets in the way of SRE adoption and how to get it out of the way
  • Why DevOps plus SRE = digital transformation
  • The career paths that lead to SRE and beyond

DevOps Institute February Community Hour

Network event

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Join DevOps Institute Chief Ambassador, Helen Beal, special guests from DevOps Institute, and our Ambassadors to discuss what’s happening in the DevOps Institute Community and industry-wide topics. We want to hear from you! Think of this as our office hours and join us for a discussion and get any questions you may have answered by the experts. Wherever you are in your DevOps journey we are here to guide you and provide content, connection, and community!

  • Open to all DevOps Institute members - join today!
  • Open agenda - we'll bring some ideas, but you can ask anything
  • Updates on the latest industry developments and breaking news

SKILup Hour Enterprise Kubernetes - Containers Orchestration

Network event

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Containers Orchestration
SKILup Hours are educational webinars for IT Professionals that include roundtable discussions moderated by industry experts. They provide discrete buildable, how-to knowledge on topics crossing people, process and technology.

Containers have revolutionized the IT infrastructure landscape by being less resource hungry, more portable, consistent and efficient than traditional server and machine virtualization approaches. They allow for building, testing and deploying applications in smaller units to support the DevOps goal of loosely coupled systems that can be continuously delivered. But everything’s a trade-off in life and these advantages can be outweighed by the increased complexity — and this is where container orchestration comes in.

Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn about how Container Orchestration helps organizations architect for higher velocity, adaptability and reliability resulting in higher performing software delivery organizations.

### Who Should Attend?

  • Heads of IT Operations
  • Incident Management Teams
  • DevOps and Engineering Leaders
  • Developers
  • IT Operations Engineers
  • Support Analysts
  • Release Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Site Reliability Engineers

### What Will You Learn?

- How DevOps principles like CICD, progressive deployments and AIOps support incident management
- How lighter-weight change management can be introduced without increasing downtime
- Why changing approaches to incident management injects capacity into IT teams that can be invested in innovating more value for customers

SKILup Day Enterprise Kubernetes

Network event

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The digital transformation enablers of DevOps and cloud are driving increasingly distributed computing and software architectures. This means that applications are being built as discrete functional parts i.e. as microservices. Now there are more parts to manage and what we have gained in our ability to make changes at speed, we’ve traded off with increased complexity. Teams need a policy-driven, automated solution that dictates how and where microservices and their containers will run. Kubernetes is an open source, extensible microservices orchestrator designed to handle these challenges and monitor and manage these complex, distributed applications and environments. And it’s become a de facto standard.

But installing, deploying, and managing Kubernetes is not that easy. 75% of users say that the complexity of implementation and operations is the top blocker to using Kubernetes in production. Teams have to consider security, multitenancy, and integration with their existing technology ecosystem when they think about using Kubernetes.

At this event, you’ll have a chance to meet leading cloud and microservices experts and practitioners and hear how they’ve used Kubernetes to overcome complex challenges and win at delivering better software, sooner and more safely.

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SKILup Hour SRE - Incident Management

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