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July 2014 Meetup

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Scott Shaw/ThoughtWorks (Lightning talk)


This is a lightning talk, so it gets a lightning blurb...

Ivan Vysotskiy/RedBubble

"Experimentation at RedBubble"

Redbubble is a large website with millions of visitors from all over the world. We adopted Lean Startup principles and rapid experimentation in our work. Everything we release needs to be validated not just in terms of code quality but also in terms of business value.
You might ask: What do experiments and Lean Startup have to do with DevOps? The answer is that a pragmatic DevOps approach enables our business to achieve great results.
I will talk about DevOps at Redbubble and how engineers can drive growth and customer success.

Guy Gershon/Melbourne IT

"Navigating the minefield. Implementing DevOps in a large organisation"

Drawing on experiences in the field and considered reflections from previous employment, this talk will explore some of the non-technical as well as technical issues of rolling out a DevOps solution in a large organisation. The talk gives you a heads up about some of the peculiar problems you may experience working in such an environment and some ideas on how to overcome them.


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