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Meetup #19: Automating Jenkins

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Speaker : Aleksey Maksimov

Aleksey is a Continuous Delivery specialist working for Standard Chartered Bank. Aleksey helped to put CI/CD in place at Maersk and Capgemini UK. He is one of the main contributors to jenkinsapi open source project, automating Jenkins everywhere.

This talk is about bringing automation to Jenkins: how to make your Jenkins driven from your code, make and run efficient build pipelines from code and stop worrying that Jenkins instance goes down.


Calling for speakers


If you are interested in presenting a talk about something that is related to DevOps (if you aren't sure drop us a message and we would be happy to advise you) do reach out! We will get you up and speaking at the next meetup!

Also we would love to hear from you about what kind of talks you want to see more of in the meetup. We will try our best to source speakers to talk about those topics. So do cast your vote at


Job Postings


If you are looking for people message us a blurb ( keep it short please) and a link to your job posting and we will put it here.

1. GMO GlobalSign Pte Ltd

"GlobalSign was formed in 1996 as one of the Internet’s original trust service providers (you probably know us as a Certificate Authority). Over the years we have issued millions of digital certificates that have been used to secure commerce and communication on the Internet. Our solutions take the pain out of using cryptography and help organizations solve complex problems with increased productivity and peace of mind."

Job posting link:

2. ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks is synonymous with innovation. We are dedicated to the art of perfecting software delivery by keeping it lightweight, fast-moving and open-source. Our clients are people and organisations with ambitious missions - whether in the commercial, social, or government sectors. They trust us to deliver the disruptive thinking and technology that empowers them to succeed. We are currently looking for talented people in Singapore who are equally as passionate about software. If you are someone who loves the idea of helping the technical community locally to grow then we want to talk to you!

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