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DevOps Singapore Meetup #9: Ansible at Action.IO plus DevOps Is People

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Session: Ansible - How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Our Servers

Presenter: Arum Thumpi (Action.IO)


The talk will go through the different stages of configuration management that we attempted at Action.IO, a brief rundown of Ansible, its limitations and our workarounds.

Session: DevOps is people: or, "I achieve my KPIs by making you fail to meet yours."

Presenter: Scott Robinson (ThoughtWorks)


"Development" and "operations," as independent organizations, have conflicting motivations. DevOps is the buzzword for the understanding that we've missed the forest (providing value) for the trees (features and stability). I'll share three true stories about three real organizations.

Exposition (Who is organization and who are the players?) Rising action (Our business is down.) Climax (DevOps!) Falling action (Working together!) Dénouement (Everyone celebrates their promotions over beer.) NB. if you work in an organisation with conflicts between development and operations, bring a story to share— and get free advice!