DevOps Meetup Reborn - CRAFT Special

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Futo utca 47-53 · Budapest

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Watch out for meetup/craft flag on the street!:)

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After a year of silence, Budapest DevOps Meetup will be back with an exciting night featuring two presenters from CRAFTcon:

Viktor Farcic: Scaling To Infinity: The Quest For Fully Automated, Scalable, Self-Healing System With Zero-Downtime

Philipp Krenn: Se7en deadly sins of deployments

Looking forward to see you again at the Budapest DevOps Meetup event series!


There will be an afterparty for everyone who attended the meetup. You can use your beverage tickets there ;)

The party starts from 20:30 at Google Ground at 1082 Budapest, Nagytemplom utca 30.

Topics in details

Viktor Farcic: Scaling To Infinity: The Quest For Fully Automated, Scalable, Self-Healing System With Zero-Downtime

Microservices are becoming more and more popular and, as with every other new trend, often implemented without enough experience. Idea behind them is easy to explain. Brake monolithic application into smaller independent services. That's it. That is what many think microservices are about. However, implementation is much harder to master. There are many things to consider when embarking down this path. How do we organize microservices? Which technologies to use and how? Should they be mutable or not? How to test them? How to deploy them? How to create scalable and fault tolerant systems? Self-healing, zero-downtime and logging? How should the teams be organized? Today's successful implementations of microservices require all those and many other questions to be answered. It's not only about splitting things into smaller pieces. The whole development ecosystem needs to be changed and we need to take a hard look at the microservices development lifecycle.

This talk will go through the whole microservices development lifecycle. We'll start from the very beginning. We'll define and design architecture. From there on we'll move from requirements, technological choices and development environment setup, through coding and testing all the way until the final deployment to production. We won't stop there. Once our new services are up and running we'll see how to maintain them, scale them depending on resource utilization and response time, recuperate them in case of failures and create central monitoring and notifications system. We'll try to balance the need for creative manual work and the need to automate as much of the process as possible.

This will be a journey through all the aspects of the lives of microservices and everything that surrounds them. We'll see how microservices fit into continuous deployment and immutable containers concepts and why the best results are obtained when those three are combined into one unique framework.

Philipp Krenn: Se7en deadly sins of deployments

Do you have something to confess? Or are you still in denial — knowing that you're doing something wrong, but you cannot say for sure what it is?In this talk, we'll go through our Java deployment sins and how to avoid them:

* Lust: Of course I'm using Docker, microservices, and every latest trend for each and every project!

* Gluttony: I absolutely need this monolithic, 500MB archive file?

* Greed: I'm not kidding when I'm saying that this app will only work with JBoss AS 6.0.

* Sloth: Continuous Deployment or Delivery — who would need that?!

* Wrath: Graceful error handling, reporting, and monitoring are for the faint of heart!

* Envy: Why would I rely on an external system to do the whole configuration for me, when I can lovingly handcraft it all myself?

* Pride: Checking our app's status after the deployment? That's only for people who break stuff.