• 🎓 Mastering AWS workshop by Juris Pavlyuchenkov

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's leading provider of reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. The goal of this intensive, practical 2-day training is to familiarise you with the core AWS services and equip you with enough knowledge so you can choose, create, configure and maintain AWS infrastructure for your own projects. After this course, you'll gain deep understanding of AWS, learn how to operate production-grade AWS infrastructure and discover hidden tips and tricks from a certified AWS expert. Coverage: ✅ Introduction to AWS ideology, basic terminology and pricing ✅ Managing your account on AWS (shared security model, 2-factor authentication, IAM users, roles, groups and policies) ✅ Amazon EC2 (understanding instance types, pricing and lifecycle, storage options, AMIs) ✅ Configuring Amazon for High Availability and Fault Tolerance (regions and availability zones) ✅ Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch ✅ Networking (Route53, Elastic Network Interfaces, Elastic IP, ✅ Elastic Load Balancer, Security Groups, VPC, pricing and limitations) ✅ Amazon EBS (use cases, limitations, snapshotting, resizing, warmup and tagging) ✅ Amazon RDS (database engines, snapshotting, multi-az vs. single az., read- replicas, migrating data to and from RDS) ✅ Amazon S3 (architecture, limitations, naming best practices, hosting static content, access policies, retention policies, reduced redundancy, infrequent access). ✅ Amazon Glacier (data archiving, backups, integration with S3, best practices) ✅ Amazon CloudFront (introduction to content-delivery networks, object expiration, monitoring, signed content, access logs, SSL certificates, integration with S3) ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🎓 Making Your Tests Rock Workshop by Jakub Nabrdalik

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ This workshop is designed for developers willing to learn how to write automated tests that are fast, easy to read and fun to maintain. Are you beginning your TDD and BDD journey or already practicing TDD and BDD? Whatever the case, be ready to bring your tests to the next level! During the training, you will learn: ✅ How to start benefiting from Test-Driven and Behaviour-Driven development, understand the power (and weaknesses) of both approaches ✅ How to work with requirements and how to transform them into well-readable tests ✅ How to efficiently balance unit, integration and manual testing ✅ How to reduce test maintenance costs ✅ How to organize your tests ✅ How to improve system’s testability by leveraging Hexagonal Architecture ✅ How to design acceptance tests that everyone can understand ✅ How to deal with databases, stateful storage and IO ✅ How to deal with long-running tests ✅ How to test distributed systems, microservices and 3rd-party integrations ✅ Testing anti-patterns and how to avoid falling into the common traps ✅ …and much more! Ready to bring your tests to the next level? Bring your own laptop, and let's start coding! ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🎓 Surviving Legacy Code Workshop by J.B. Rainsberger

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ We all have legacy code, meaning profitable code that we’re afraid to change. It doesn’t matter who wrote it, in which language, nor when. It matters that we feel the fear now and need to deal with it. Rewrite or refactor? How do we write tests? There’s so much to change; how do we get started? In the typical programmer’s day job, there’s no time to learn how to do this. We’re already behind schedule and the cost of fixing the legacy code is crushing us. We need a way to learn how to do this safely, correctly, and eventually, even quickly. That’s what Surviving Legacy Code is about. You will learn: ✅ When to refactor and when to rewrite, and how to do that safely. ✅ The killer technique for exposing in glorious detail exactly where the code wants us to break it apart. ✅ How to use statistical sampling and logs to cobble together the beginnings of a test suite. ✅ How to sterilise a legacy environment before even trying to change the code. ✅ How to crack the chicken-and-egg problem: I need to write tests in order to refactor, and I need to refactor in order to write tests. We will work in short sessions on a diabolical-but-fun code base (available in at least 20 programming languages), practise micro-committing, a key technique to changing difficult code safely, practise a handful of refactoring and testing exercises that develop the most essential legacy code rescue skills and disciplines. ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🎓 Production-ready Serverless workshop by Yan Cui

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ This course is designed to get you familiarised with the basics of AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework quickly, and then deep dive into the operational challenges with running a serverless architecture in production and the emerging patterns and practices to tackle them. This is a hands-on course where we will build a simple e-commerce site from scratch, using a number of services in the AWS ecosystem including (but not limited to) Lambda, API Gateway, Kinesis and Cognito User Pools. Expect to learn the basics of AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework in the first hour or so, which would allow us to move on to: ✅Creating APIs with API Gateway and Lambda ✅Real-time stream processing with Kinesis and Lambda ✅Authentication and authorization ✅Testing strategies ✅Local debugging ✅Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery ✅Project organization ✅Managing shared code and shared infrastructure ✅Log aggregation and monitoring ✅Distributed tracing using X-Ray ✅Performance and cost optimization ✅Error handling ✅Config management ✅Working with VPCs ✅Canary deployments Bring your own laptop, open an AWS account, and install VisualStudio Code and the Serverless framework and let's get you ready for running a serverless architecture in production! ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🎓 Jedi Techniques workshop by Maxim Dorofeev

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ This practical workshop will equip you with necessary skills for accomplishing more, with less stress and efforts, and bring you closer to the work-life balance on a win-win basis. After the training, you will know how to achieve more at work and personal life simultaneously (instead of conventional view: “one at the expense of another”). In a simple and entertaining way, you will learn: ✅How do our minds work? Daniel Kahneman’s and Tim Urban’s models. ✅What does instant gratification monkey do in my head and how to tame it? ✅What cognitive biases are and how they affect our day-to-day work? ✅The concept of limited Mindfuel and how to save it ✅Why some ToDo lists do not help and how to create ToDo list that (finally) works ✅Methods of “Magic fairy” and “Rational flaneur” ✅How to succeed in a highly uncertain environment and how to make uncertainty your best friend ✅How technology hijacks our minds. The concept of information overload and how to prevеnt it. ✅How to deal with tasks and commitments under tight deadlines and high uncertainty ✅...and much more! More than 50% of workshop time is devoted to practice, exercises and discussions. The workshop offers concrete, ready-to-use improvement recipes for daily work. ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🎓 Programming with Kotlin Workshop by Venkat Subramaniam

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ The strength of Kotlin is that it has drawn from wonderful features that have been teased out and tried successfully in many languages. Kotlin provides sensible syntax and semantics to create highly concise code. It is a language that just feels right in many areas. In this hands-on workshop, which has a good balance of lecture and practice exercises, you will learn the language by working on exercises. You will start with a set of unit tests that are commented out. As you take one test at a time, you will write minimum code in Kotlin to make the tests pass. Along the way, you'll learn various features of the language. The workshop walks you through the fundamentals, the advanced concepts, and how to create DSLs using Kotlin. Bring your own laptop, and let's get you ready for writing Kotlin applications! ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🎓 Crafting Code Workshop by Sandro Mancuso

    National Library of Latvia

    ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️ This course is designed to help developers get better at Test-Driven Development and write well-crafted code—code that is clean, testable, maintainable, and an expression of the business domain. The course is entirely hands-on, designed to teach developers practical techniques they can immediately apply to real-world projects. Software Craftsmanship is at the heart of this course. Throughout, you will learn about the Software Craftsmanship attitude to development and how to apply it to your workplace. Writing Clean Code is difficult. Cleaning existing code, even more so. You should attend if you want to: ✅ Write clean code that is easy to understand and maintain ✅ Become more proficient in Test-Driven Development (TDD): using tests to design and build your code base ✅ Focus your tests and production code according to business – requirements using Outside-In TDD (a.k.a. the London School of TDD) ✅ Understand design principles that lead to clean code ✅ Avoid over-engineering and large rewrites by incrementally evolving your design using tests Once you have an understanding of the principles at work, we will apply them to Legacy Code to help you gain confidence in improving legacy projects through testing, refactoring and redesigning. The course is fully hands-on and developers will be writing a lot of code. ➡️Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com ⬅️

  • 🚀 DevTernity 2018 – The Key Tech Event of the Year

    National Library of Latvia

    DevTernity – the top tech conference in Europe and the key event of the year is finally here. 🏆 We turn developers into architects and engineering leaders since 2015. ➡️Get your ticket now and save 200€: https://devternity.com Why the best developers choose DevTernity? ✅ Top quality You will be excited about the excellent quality at all levels. We are the only conference with 5-star rating according to TrustPilot. ✅ Learn from industry influencers Tired of Captain Obvious, marketing and Agile bullshit? We, too. We only invite speakers with outstanding technical and public speaking skills. Any exceptions, such as sponsored talks? Sorry, not at this conference. ✅ The most important topics in one place In just two days, you will learn much more than your competitors, who attend narrow-focused conferences. Start preparing for the role of software architect, engineering leader or CTO today. ✅ Perfect theory & practice balance In just two days, you will become a better professional. The formula is simple: the knockout dose of inspiring talks, reinforced by a hands-on, power workshop of your choice. Works like a charm. Guaranteed. ✅ Excellent location Riga, the capital of Latvia, is one of the top destinations in Europe. Beautiful, well-located, ranked among the top 10 fastest internet cities in the world. Our venue, the Castle of Light, has won International Excellence Award 2018. This year's topics include: ✅ Clean coding and TDD ✅ Software architecture ✅ #Blockchain ✅ #Serverless ✅ #Kotlin ✅ #Teamwork ✅ ...and much more! There is no point to wait until the last moment because we'll charge you more. Secure your seat now. You will be able to change the information about the participants later. Free of charge. ➡️Get your ticket now and save 200€: https://devternity.com

  • DevTernity 2018 – 💰 60€ discount code giveaway (online)

    This is an exclusive 60€ 💰discount code giveaway for the most-waited conference of the year – DevTernity (https://devternity.com). Those who ✅RSVP will receive a DM with: 💰 an exclusive 30€ Main Day discount 💰 an exclusive 30€ Power Workshop discount The discount works for May registrations and is limited to 👨‍👦‍👦5 people.

  • 🚀 Patterns and Anti-Patterns of Enterprise DevOps by Roy Osherove

    This is a comprehensive, engineer led course that covers building infrastructure in an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) fashion, using HashiCorp's Packer and Terraform tools. Topics include: • Terraform and Packer syntax, internals, and patterns • Creating and accessing compute instances • Provisioning resources with Terraform • Working with remote state • Managing DNS with Terraform • Continuous delivery of machine images with Packer • Learn how to safely provision and manage infrastructure lifecycle with Terraform and Packer! DevOps is the implementation of continuous delivery and agile concepts across the organization, focusing on pipelines as the main building blocks for delivery value internally and to the customer. But getting to that state is complicated because it requires several facets of work: People, process and tools. In large organizations, we have the added complexity. In large organizations, we have the added complexity of: • Multiple dependencies and sub systems • Multiple teams, groups, business units with competing interests • Varying degrees of agility, culture, tools, technologies and processes • Security, compliance and policy gates In this workshop, we will discuss main patterns and anti-patterns for adopting and implementing DevOps pipelines throughout the organization, that scale: • Defining DevOps and Enterprise DevOps Pipelines • Defining Current Challenges & Pain points • Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery • Enterprise vs small scale DevOps challenges • Software defined everything • Value Streaming (intro, exercises, bottlenecks, anti-patterns & root causes) • Infrastructure as Code • Ephemeral Environments • Pipelines • Parent pipelines and child pipelines Adoption (proofs of value & Templating, patterns & anti-patterns, planning) Secure a seat now at https://devternity.com