Next Meetup

Possible Monday or Tuesday night game in Denton forming.
I am looking to host a Game in Denton on Monday or Tuesday nights maybe twice a month or more. (35 and Teasley). I can and will probably GM the game. It will be DnD 3.5 in a home brew setting that i have been developing for the past 6 months or so. I presently have had three games ran in this world so it has been developed a good amount. Im looking for about four players maybe five, anymore than that and i cant give the attention to each player deserves RP wise. First session will be character development and a run down of my world and its peoples, and then you the players can decide where in my world you want to play in. This game and your characters will be used as world development and may or may not have an impact in the world at large, its up to you the players to decide what tone you want to set in the game be it dungeon crawlers, soldiers, brigands, or gladiators. I have many nations with their own flavors and races. The type of players I am looking for are mature and reliable. Get back to me and i will get back to you about the game ASAP.

Needs a location