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Sandy N.

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Santa Fe, NM

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Mar 22, 2009


Love social media and believe it is changing face of networking as we have known it. It's no longer for just the young but now for is being used by people of all ages as well as businesses. It gives you the ability to expand your horizon.

How do you hope to benefit by being a member of DFW Social Media Marketing?


Which social media site do you use most often?

No, not more than I'm doing right now.

How do you learn about us?

Worked with Stephanie on setting up the group. I appreciate the offer to work with her.

What is your occupation/profession?

I'm involved heavily in Twitter, on Linkedin and FAcebook. Those are my primary ones now but plan on adding more.

What social media networks do you belong to?

Twitter, (@sleenie) Facebook, Linkedin, Viddler, Slideshare, You Tube, uStream, BlogRadio, Blogging