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DFWWP:CONNECT. How Not To Create A Total Disaster Of Your Web Site Content

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Thanks to Improving Enterprises ( and WP Engine ( you can spend the afternoon eating pizza, drinking soda, and co-working with the most talented internet professionals in the Metroplex.

This month's DFWWP:CONNECT Meetup is a come-and-go, bring a laptop, ask-the-expert, pair-up-with-a-partner, fix-up-site-problems event.

This Meetup's short presentation is by Scott Ellis on:

Content Mapping: Organizing Your Website Content To Drive Traffic and Convert Customers or "How Not To Create A Total Disaster Of Your Web Site Content"


1:00pm-2:00pm - mingle, network, one-on-one work with colleagues

2:00pm-2:45pm - mini-presentation from WordPress Developer Scott Ellis

2:45pm-5:00pm - co-working on your WordPress issues



A well organized approach to structuring your content has implications for your websites SEO, traffic and ability to convert consumers in to customers. By thoughtfully organizing your content through the use of categories, tags and taxonomies, and mapping content types to the stages of the consumer purchase funnel, you can position your site to exceed expectations while allowing important details like calls to action, and knowing the purpose of every page start to fall naturally into place. Content creation becomes easier and gaps in your content marketing will close themselves off.

Join us in learning a better way to map your content to your goals so you can reach them sooner than later.


Scott Ellis has been building enterprise and SMB websites for 15 years. Since 2008 Scott's practice has emerged beyond just websites to include digital marketing, strategy and mobility for B2B and B2C businesses. Along the way, Scott developed an unhealthy obsession with content organization which caries on to this day. While obsessing over microdata, Scott is involved with several companies as an investor, owner or contributor via his parent company (, LLC. Some of the companies Scott works with include (, GeekBeat.TV (, Digital Dallas, mobElite, o2o Interactive, NYBFG Restaurants & DZX Medical.

Scott is currently building a series of online training classes beginning with Content Mapping which will be available online at (

When not busy at work Scott loves good wine, travel, the mountains, lifting weights, paying guitar, dogs...but most of all his wife Wendi McGowan-Ellis.