2019 Keynote: See Your Customer Through Their Lens with Kevin Baker

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Wondering what it might mean to build better relationships with the people around you—your team, customers, and stakeholders? Apply the Conscious Capitalism way of thinking about business that elevates humanity through four fundamental principles – higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture. Abandon your assumptions and work on features that people want. Adopt your customer’s perspective and create less rework. Discover new opportunities for innovation by seeing problems through your customers’ lens. Use your deeper understanding to focus on customer needs.

In this workshop, Kevin provides an overview of Conscious Capitalism and introduces stakeholder and empathy mapping with hands-on activities. Empathy mapping is a powerful collaborative tool for discovering insights about customers. Walk away with the tools needed to build empathy maps, guide others with creating empathy maps, and apply the newfound understandings to solve problems that matter to the customer. The key to building better relationships with the people around you lives in empathy.

Kevin Baker is a User Experience (UX) professional with 13 years of experience crafting attractive and unique solutions. A native of Austin and a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas, he now resides in Little Elm with his wife and two young children.

Kevin has worked at Improving, a Plano based IT services firm, for six years and is currently Director of Consulting, User Experience Practice. Human-centered design remains a major focus of his work with the ultimate desire of helping others achieve their goals. Before beginning a project and throughout the assignment, he always makes a point to considers form factors, environmental factors, and constraints. If you’re ever wondering what he’s up to, it probably involves thinking outside the screen.


• 6PM-6:45PM: Pizza Networking
• 6:55PM-7:00PM: Announcements
• 7:00PM-8:15PM: Presentation
• 8:15PM-8:30PM: Q&A

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