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Dharma Movie Discussion: Ashoka (Asoka, Indian Bollywood 2001 - Shah Rukh Khan)

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Dharma Movie Discussion: Ashoka (Asoka, Indian Bollywood 2001 - Shah Rukh Khan)


Dear Dharma Drink Friends,

Let's chat about the movie the Asoka (Ashoka), a 2001 Hindi-language Bollywood film. It's a loosely historical depiction of Ashoka (304-232 BCE), the king-emperor who's rule spanned west from the edge of present day Iran, east through present day Bangladesh, and south to edge of present day Tamil Nadu of southern India.

What is the significance of Ashoka the Great? Toward the latter part of his rein he converted to Buddhism and became a more benign and tolerant ruler (debatable). He's also accredited for playing an important role in the spread of Buddhism across ancient Asia.

Note that this is a Bollywood film so expect a lengthy, song & dance, larger than life, and emotionally charged melodrama. This will be a double exposure to both Indian history and the Bollywood genre!

Definitely a mix bag of reviews. The movie received many positive reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival but lackluster reviews from elsewhere, However per one review the "historical accuracy" was unexpectedly close to the real thing.

Per Guardian review: " far as historical accuracy is concerned, there's a surprising result: though the whole Pawan/Kaurwaki episode is fantasy, the film mostly avoids messing around with the known facts. Despite its brazenly anachronistic glitz, this is unexpectedly close to zen mastery."

Want to explore a foreign movie from India? Here's an opportunity to watch and then chat with like minded friends.

To join us you MUST first watch the film yourself and then join us for discussion. We're here to have fun and chat so let's all have a good time.

WHERE TO WATCH? (subject to change)

Looking forward!


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