What we're about

We show and discuss a variety of films that reflect or incorporate aspects of dharma -- from documentaries to films set in Buddhist/Hindu countries with Buddhist/Hindu themes to western comedies and dramas which contain certain dharma principles.

Through this means, we aim at building a sangha.

We typically meet twice a month -- on a Friday or Saturday night --- in a small apartment in Mid-City. (If a new film showing in local theatres qualifies as "dharma movie", we might pick a time and location and make it a meetup.)

Below is a list of films we have shown and discussed already. (We are open to revisiting some of them in the future)

• Her • Shortcut to Nirvana • Samsara • Windhorse • Ida • Departures • Water

• Travelers and Magicians • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.....

• When the Iron Bird Flies • The Cup • Ostrov/The Island

• Ram Dass: Fierce Grace • Milarepa • Why has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?

• Of Gods and Men • Himalaya • The Wall • Woman in the Dunes • Monk with a Camera

• Baraka • Un Buda • Siddhartha • A Cave in the Snow • Vara: A Blessing

• Inside Out • Man Facing Southeast • The Brain (David Eagleman) • K-Pax

• The Razor's Edge • The Silent Holy Stones • Shegendo Now • Tsotsi

• Dalai Lama Awakening • Babette's Feast • Sukhavati • Ugetsu • Dharma River

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