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Project Meeting: The CEX Photo Exhibition - Peranakan Culture

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I will be calling for a project meeting this coming Sunday afternoon to talk about the Photography Project. For a short introduction of the project, please read below.

Place to meet, Starbucks Marina Square, 12pm,3 March 2013 . We will then breakoff for lunch.


The Cultural Bond that Binds Nations - A Photo Exhibition of the Peranakans in Singapore & Malaysia

The Peranakans are members of a community that are descendents of Chinese immigrants who has settled down in Melaka from the late 15th Century and 16th Century. Their unique culture marries both Chinese and Malay traditions and provides a unique look at how this community has bind Malaysians and Singapore in more ways than one thinks as generations have lived along the Straits of Malacca, particularly in the three city states of Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

The photo exhibition aims to capture the essence of the culture of the Peranakans in the three places as mentioned. Three main areas we aim to capture are the architecture or places where Peranakans are known to stay in, the food and cultural aspects and of course the people themselves who are staying in the area.

In the coming months, we will be shooting places, people and food that has strong Peranakan culture.

March/April/May: Singapore - Places: Emerald Hill, Joo Chiat, Little India. We will be doing a Peranakan Trail (as below link) and perhaps do some shoot of Peranakan food at one of the eateries (as below link).

April: Malacca (will be a over the weekend trip)

May: Penang (will be done during the first 2 weeks of the month. Will include flying)


Best Peranakan Restaurants in Singapore:

Peranakan Places in Singapore

Peranakan Pickings

The photo exhibition will be primarily shown in CEX 2013 and will have a secondary exhibition at the Arts House. Those who joined will be considered for Photographers' Guild @ The Arts House Membership(see below).

About CEX *Causeway Exchange 2013 *

Causeway Exchange is an arts program where artists from both side of the causeway present a series of Arts performances and programs to the general public of both countries. Last year’s Causeway Exchange in Singapore has garnered publicity even with a television coverage of its opening. Those who has visited and enjoyed CEX numbers in the thousands.

This year's CEX Exhibition will happen in Malaysia.

You can have a look at what was done last year at:

*Photographer’s Guild@The Arts House *

This is an initiative we are planning and would want to launch in conjunction with the projects for CausewayEXchange. Unlike other Photography Clubs, the main aim of the Photography Club is to explore other forms of photography such as art photography, photojournalism, cultural immersion photography, film photography and of course landscape photography of higher standards.