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Blockchain, alltså tekniken bakom kryptovalutan Bitcoin, är förutspådd att revolutionera hela industrier.

Träffen är en introduktion till blockchain och efterföljs av en öppen diskussion om vad blockchain kan bidra med till offentlig sektor.

Föreläsningen hålls på engelska. Läs mer om föreläsaren Thor Pettersen nedan.


• Introduction to blockchain:
How, why and when.

• Governmental administration on blockchain:
eHealth and Electronic Health records
Notarization and proof of existence.
Taxation records

• The future:
Internet Of Things (wearables)
Supply chain and logistic in custom and registration
Automated drop shipping in saving the environment by cutting short millions of transport miles.

• Barriers to implementation:
“Not invented here”

• The necessary and rapid change in public administration.

A serial entrepreneur and visionary
Thor started out on the Internet in 1983 playing chess via X-windows with people at UCLA.

At UniLAN , - his first company, he built a Norwegian healthcare system for cancer screening in the mid-90s and consulted for Kongsberg Ericsson Defense communications in the late 90s, where he saw the future of smartphones (technology was implemented in military applications way sooner than in civilian).
Thor was the first to (legally) put music on the mobile phone and the first to integrate mobile music in a social network (Microsoft IM) with partners Sony Music (then BMG) and Microsoft MSN back in June 2004.
From acquiring[masked] subscribers in a month when launching music to mobile phones, through first presentation of mobile marketing to Johnson and Johnson’s Senior Marketing Executives conference in Marbella May 2005 to today’s complex social media, Inbound Marketing and SEO, the focus has always been digital marketing.

In 2006 Thor launched the digital clearing house for copyrights in musical works and recordings.
However, the technology was not sufficiently advanced so the project was deferred.

Internet music as a “not-for-profit” company was started in 2010 together with Guy Fletcher (chairman PRS - UK equivalent of STIM)
In 2014 blockchain was included and the company is (although in stealth mode) recruiting creators of music and owners of copyrights as we speak.

Thor is convinced that anything that requires paper based proof today will be digitalized on the blockchain in the (near) future.

Thor started Silicon Islands (biforetag) as part of Westcoast Innovation to act as an international hub for blockchain development with a “not-for-profit” profile advocating open source operations.

Replacing paper proof with digital proof is at the heart of the Silicon Islands innovation focus.