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What we’re about

What started as a small group of developers & designers who share an interest in Ruby has evolved into something larger - Digital East Anglia. We have the drive and desire to bring Norfolk's thriving digital technology community cutting edge content & skills. We want to focus on Internet of Things (IoT), AI, 3rd Party tools & services and a few user groups such as NRUG, AWS & we want to ensure that our content is beginner friendly as well as hardcore technical, but more than that, we want it to be driven by you - the community. 

We will also be a home for The Things Network Norfolk & Suffolk meetup that will be organised by Paul Foster, Microsoft. 

The Things Network has a strong (and awesome) community which is very active. We are thrilled to see so many people using our platforms, discussing use cases & helping each other out in the world of loT. Take a look for yourself!

Norwich now hosts two gateways connected to The Things Network enabling all to experiment with IoT. Join the Norfolk community to learn how to get started and specific skills to enable you to build your ideas as sensor nodes, or even to build and host your own gateway – extending the Norwich network.

The network is free to use under a fair use policy. See for more information!

Matt & Jo Bennett-Lovesey will continue to organise NRUG and it will still be hosted in the SoftApps offices. 

If you would like to know more, or want to present at DEA, send a message to Emily or Ryan and for all NRUG things contact Matthew Bennett-Lovesey or bring it up at a meeting!