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What we’re about

This is a hands on digital forensics group. We expect that you will be interacting and asking questions - but it won't be mandated (silent learners are welcome as well).

Topics covered will be (we will try and cover them all):

* Software Write Blocking

* Creating Forensic Images

* File System Identification

* Mounting Forensic Images

* Recovering Files from Forensic Images

* Artifacts in the Registry

* Hashing

* File Signature Analysis

* File Analysis

* Internet History

* E-mail Header Analysis

* Prefetch Files

* Shortcuts/Link (.LNK) Files and Jump Lists

* Thumbnail Caches

* GREP Searches

* File Carving

* Timestamps and Timelines

* Recovering Passwords

* Mounting Images as Virtual Machines

* Memory Acquisition and Analysis

* Network Traffic

We will be following along the printed book by Michael K. Robinson - "Digital Forensics Workbook". You can get the book here -> ( AND here ->(

Michael is an established professional in the cybersecurity community who has worked for many large organizations as well as within the US Intelligence community. He currently works for Google as a security engineer.

While Michael won't be teaching this course he will make an appearance in one of our sessions for an interview into his career and journey.

You can find more information soon at

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