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This is a group for anyone who is retired and would like to learn more about using the internet either for enhanced personal confidence or with the intention of generating an income from it. This will be at a basic level , mainly for anyone with little or no knowledge of using the internet, or anyone wanting to extende their current knowledge.

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Get your business noticed for free!

Online event

How amazing would it be to get your business or organisation on tv, radio or in the papers?

It gives you visibility, gets you heard by potential customers and gives you a platform to show off your knowledge and passion.

It might not be as difficult or daunting as you might think.

Rachel has worked as a senior journalist in national and local radio for over 20 years, so she know what makes a good news story and what kind of guests and interviewees they're looking for.

Now she is lifting the lid and sharing her insider knowledge.

Join us to share some top tips to start getting you noticed and increase your chances of getting free publicity in the media.

Chatbots- an essential business tool?

Online event

Chat bots are becoming the preferred way for businesses to engage with other businesses (B2B) or customers (B2C).
With an increase in users using apps, and expecting businesses to run 24/7 Chat bots are a must have for any business.

Join us for 60 mins of packed information on Chat Bots in 2022

Who should attend this event?

This webinar is for anyone interested

• who owns their own business
• Thinking about starting a business
• Anyone wanting to expand their digital knowledge
• Anyone interested in knowing about Chat BOTs

Why Chat Bots?
Put a chatbot on your website so potential customers can get in touch easily. So find out...

• More about Chat bots,
• How they can help your business,
• What a BOT looks like,
• How chat bots work,

We will be showing some DEMOS of existing BOTS from different businesses so you can get a feel for what can be done.

If you want to generate more leads without hiring another employee, come along to this webinar and see how a Chat BOT works

Grow and sell your business with Etsy

Online event

Are you serious about making money on Online?
Maybe you are considering eBay or Shopify?
But have you thought about Etsy?

Nigel Wymer, will tell you why Etsy should be your first choice and what you need to do to make big money with an Etsy shop.
If you make own products or sell vintage items then Etsy is the perfect marketplace BUT you don't need to make your own products to sell on Etsy.
Did you know you can sell garden tools, seeds and plants, pet beds, beekeeping equipment, herbs and spices, furniture and hundreds of other brand new items?
Or that you can start selling on Etsy tomorrow without buying any stock?
Learn about the incredible number of options for selling on Etsy.
Nigel has many years of experience in selling on Etsy and runs SEVERAL highly successful shops,
He will discuss:

Why You Should be Selling on Etsy
How to Use Etsy to Build Your Own Brand
What to Sell
Professional Shop Set-Up and Design
Simple SEO - no html Required!
Optimizing Shop Listings for Mobiles
The Importance of Video Listings
Coupon Promotion
How to Build a Loyal Following of Repeat Buyers
Identifying Your Ideal Buyer and how to Sell to Them
Product Sourcing
Print on demand
PPC Advertising
Working Out Profit Margins
Plus - lots of other inside tips!
Places will be limited so register quickly!

Nigel has a background in advertising and sales management. He has won Newspaper Society awards for advertising design and had many articles published.
He diversified into retail management, having started and set up several successful high street businesses.
He has been making a living on the internet for over 15 years. He started online with an eBay shop in the early days which has expanded into several businesses. He added Etsy to his portfolio of businesses several years ago and using his background in marketing, soon discovered the benefits of using Etsy to build successful businesses and more importantly how to grow and create a brand.
He runs training courses on Etsy and on mindset, which he considers essential to business success. He mentors people on mindset and goal achievement as well as business coaching for online entrepreneurs. He is a qualified life coach with a specialism in goal setting.

Gentle yoga for inflexibles!

Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre


Have you tried online classes, but lack motivation to continue? Are you put off by visions of young gymnasts in a class? Would you like to try yoga but are afraid the class will be too fast and complicated?
if you answered "yes" to any of the above, then my new class is for you! It will be a slow paced class, concentrating on correct breathing rather than complicated postures! I always include a short meditation and a relaxation exercise at the end of the class so you can go home feeling relaxed and ready for anything!
I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years, specializing in adapting postures for those who have restrictions due to health. i can help you find you own level of fitness , and with practice, improve it.
I am starting this new class, where you will be able to practice with others of similar abilities and share your experience. The class will be held at the Dorchester Yoga Centre every Thursday from1pm, starting on Thursday 6th January. (Government restrictions allowing!)

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