What we're about

This is a group for founders, innovators, professionals, intrapreneurs, consultants, startups, entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders who are passionate about mission-oriented innovation.

How do we forecast the future and respond to the emerging trends of the Fifth Industrial and Digital Human Revolution?

How can we cultivate a paradigm to invest in mission oriented research and innovation in a world focused on short term solutions?

How do we introduce nature-connected habits and regenerative design principles into the executive mind without arousing an immune response?

Rapid technology inventions and convergence continue to evolve and accelerate “technoforming” the world:

• Digital citizenship, smart cities, and cyber security

• Mobile and internet communications and commerce

• Artificial intelligence, quantum, and neuromorphic computing

• Big data and predictive analytics

• Blockchain and digital currencies, and digital asset value exchange

• Biotechnology and personal and cultural values transformation

• Digital media, art, and entertainment

• Learning 4.0

Concurrent are global cultural and social changes driving demand for new economic models, inquiries about the future of humans, regenerating planetary capital and terraforming of other planets.

Together, all these forces create many trajectories and futures.

Outcomes we would like to achieve:

• Learning from experts around the world about emerging new technologies and industries, in particular regenerative/circular economy

• Find out about new technology design paradigms that place humans and planetary ecosystems wellbeing at the centre of digital design

• Gain foresight on how digital futures technologies impact us on professional and business level and how to respond pro-actively

• Access to case studies of real applications in enterprise

• Learn from and how mission oriented organizations contribute to strategic, ambitious initiatives (including public sector policies)

• Building user and earth centric innovation and leadership development models and competencies, such as futures thinking, to be successful as we transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution

• Cultivating positive outlier networks and ecosystems to amplify positive impact and stay motivated and energized

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