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Community Crunch - with Obital
Are you interested in technology that helps people with disabilities? Do you want to learn more about how startups work? And most importantly, do you want to use your coding, design, marketing or business experience to solve real-life challenges? Then join our Community Crunch and help Obital! Obital is a startup, which develops low cost eye tracking technology with a vision of changing the way people interact with their surroundings. They offer eye tracking capable of running on all newer smart devices. No calibration or additional hardware is required. This makes their technology one of the most affordable and accessible in the industry, giving eye-tracking features to broader audiences than ever before. The event takes place from 9am-5pm (light breakfast and coffee is available from 8:30am). You will be divided into a team of 2-4 people, with the aim of creating a prototype which you will present to the founders of Obital by the end of the event. They will be there during the whole day, and guide you through one of the below challenges: 1. Mobile gaming The next generation of mobile games takes place in AR or VR, putting new demands on how to interact with this world. How can mobile eye-tracking be used to renew gaming experiences and how can it create a more immersive experience? 2. Advertising How can eye-tracking technology be implemented in the advertising industry? When a business starts to measure how and when a person looks at a page or advertisement, it adds valuable data that can be used for optimization. 3. Healthcare & Rehabilitation Almost no form of physical disability hits the eyes. How can eye tracking help these people to live a better, freer and more independent life? It is important to emphasize that Community Crunch is based on co-creation. The idea is to gather people with different skills in groups to develop the best ideas. It is not a competition; there will be no winners or prizes at the end – besides beer and pizza. So, if you are a young professional, student, working with design, software, UX/UI, business or marketing, and you would like to get a break from your usual tasks then join! (the event is free of charge, light breakfast and lunch will be provided)

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