What we're about

--- Consulting Mastermind: digital strategies, digital transformation and innovation---

***Who this group is for***

This group is for seasoned consultants who are looking to add value to their client work through digital strategy and innovation.

***The goal of this group is to***:

- exchange about your drive and challenges to innovate
- share best practices about using more digital strategies in your line of work
- get feedback on your progress in adopting more digital and innovation skills
- ask help or questions related to digital transformation
- connect with others, start the conversation, create your own initiatives, collaborations, or hire each other.

***What can this group help you with:***

- Helping you understand what digital channels work for what purpose
* How to set goals for traffic, conversions, leads (marketing and sales qualified leads)
* Creating a roadmap for testing innovative ideas for your client
* Align your digital content to your services
* Interpret data from websites and understand how to act on it (when to act on it)
* Make online copy more customer-centric
* Learn about having 1-1 conversations with your target market

*** Who am I and why should you listen to anything I say?***

I'm a self-employed digital strategist and innovation expert who:
- consults high ticket client on digital strategies and innovation initiatives;
- created this group for consultants to adopt more digital and innovative skills and mindset;
- life explorer and advocate for unconventional, ahead-of-the-curve, living and working;
- working on a software solution to improve B2B2C retail network communications
- a former business coach for corporate escape's to start their own business and start-up mentor

*** Two rules:***

1 > This group is not for self-promotion: if you want people to know what you do, add value, teach us something new.
2 > no bullshit = no ban

Upcoming events (2)

How To Build A Website That Grows Your Consulting Business (Online Event)

Join me for this Live Online Session about the sense and nonsense of building a Website for Your Consulting Business. This Live Video Will Be Broadcast here: bit.ly/consultingmastermind. I'll cover the following questions: - Do you really need a website as a consultant? - If not, what are some alternative approaches for building your business? - If yes: what are realistic expectations from launching your website? e.g. * when is the right time to start thinking about creating one? * how much time, money and resources should you spend building it? * what is the expected return from a website? * should you create it yourself, outsource or is there some middle way to get the best result? * what are some of the tools or technologies available to get started? * from a marketing perspective: some key elements your website cannot do without.

Talkie Walkie (networking event for consultants in nature)

I got inspired to organise this walk in nature after getting tired from networking all-nighters, loaded with apéro and listening to speakers on pedestals for hours, just one after another. Don't get me wrong, I love my apéro, but I also love to move, be outdoors and pay attention to the stories others have to share from up close, allowing me to actually get to know the person behind it. That's why I came up with a: - free of charge - totally informal - walk in nature networking event for consultants of all sorts and levels. If you love to talk about your passion, your business, your struggles, your fears and your wins, then this event is for you. The idea here is to learn, share, exchange and inspire each other. Join us for the 1st edition of Talkie Walkie on Saturday June 1st at 11 am. Meeting point: Metro station Roodebeek, Woluwe St Pierre. We'll walk some 4km way and 4 km back across the old train tracks in Woluwe, crossing one of the greenest areas in Brussels. We'll grab some lunch along the way. Coming by metro: take the 1 direction Stokkel, get off at Roodebeek. Coming Car: put Shopping Center Woluwe in your Waze or GPS and park your car in the parking lot of the shopping center (paid parking.

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How to combine more than 1 passion in your business concept.


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