What we're about

--- Consulting Mastermind: digital strategies, digital transformation and innovation---

***Who this group is for***

This group is for seasoned consultants who are looking to add value to their client work through digital strategy and innovation.

***The goal of this group is to***:

- exchange about your drive and challenges to innovate
- share best practices about using more digital strategies in your line of work
- get feedback on your progress in adopting more digital and innovation skills
- ask help or questions related to digital transformation
- connect with others, start the conversation, create your own initiatives, collaborations, or hire each other.

***What can this group help you with:***

- Helping you understand what digital channels work for what purpose
* How to set goals for traffic, conversions, leads (marketing and sales qualified leads)
* Creating a roadmap for testing innovative ideas for your client
* Align your digital content to your services
* Interpret data from websites and understand how to act on it (when to act on it)
* Make online copy more customer-centric
* Learn about having 1-1 conversations with your target market

*** Who am I and why should you listen to anything I say?***

I'm a self-employed digital strategist and innovation expert who:
- consults high ticket client on digital strategies and innovation initiatives;
- created this group for consultants to adopt more digital and innovative skills and mindset;
- life explorer and advocate for unconventional, ahead-of-the-curve, living and working;
- working on a software solution to improve B2B2C retail network communications
- a former business coach for corporate escape's to start their own business and start-up mentor

*** Two rules:***

1 > This group is not for self-promotion: if you want people to know what you do, add value, teach us something new.
2 > no bullshit = no ban

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