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I decided to change this group to network with others at this unfortunate crisis this country is in. I realize a lot of people are either in quarantine or out of work due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) . But you still need to make an income. What is direct response network marketing you ask?

What direct response network marketing you ask? It is where you arent going out bugging friends and family like a typical network marketing company ie. mary kay, tupperware etc. Direct response means people will watch tv and see an infomercial and like the product and will call to get more info or to purchase that product. With that you will be able to take those calls direct from the infomercial and acquire customers, all you do is follow the script. This is a way where you can literally work from home by taking live calls from an infomercial and acquire customers and or new business partners. This business is ground floor and in fact there is less than 100 people in this company. Right now they have the best CBD products in the market, but they are going to have a wide range of products which includes a product that will help the fight of the coronavirus. The infomercial for this product should be released soon and then we will be able to take the live calls from home and get paid for acquiring them as a customer and then get paid every month when they go on an autoship.

There will be a facebook live event every Tuesday to tell you about this once in a lifetime opportunity. So stay tuned !!!

But if you just cant wait then you can send me a message and I can get you the info right away. You can also visit my website at Kyles Website (https://theraforlife.com/kyle)


For those travel junkies I am still keeping my other travel meetup group as they are

https://www.meetup.com/Buffalo-Niagara-worldwide-Travel-Meetup/ for all your international and domestic travel

https://www.meetup.com/Buffalo-Extreme-Adventures-Meetup/ for all events, festivals, camping or hiking.

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