Past Meetup

Running First Loop of 3 Peaks


Got a few people going out to do the first loop of the 3 peaks course. Some may only run to the first aid station (Paso Picacho) and drive back to the start. We start from Big Bend (starting point of the race).

Pace will most likely be pretty relaxed over Stonewall to Paso Picacho, then possibly pick up a little bit when a few people break off and drive back to the start.

I believe you need an adventure pass for Big Bend, and a day permit for Paso Picacho (if you decide to put a car there).

It is approximately 12-13 miles. The first part climbs over Stonewall peak. The second part climbs over middle peak. May take a short detour up the conejos trail to show a little bit of the fun rocky part! We'll play it by ear.

Bring your own supplies. Should be able to refill at Paso Picacho.


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