We will be out at the PCT 50 on Saturday but you can run with Sean on Sunday!
Mission Trails Rusty Barrel + 3 Peaks

Meet at Mission Trails equestrian staging area (52 & Mast) just outside the gate Sunday 6am. We'll start with the Rusty Barrel Loop. It's about an 8 mile loop if you want to call it a day after that. Otherwise we'll continue to the North Perimeter Trail (aka "roller coaster") and climb up the north side of North Fortuna. Then back down the west side of Fortuna Saddle and over to the South Fortuna stairs. Up South Fortuna and back down the east side of the Saddle to Oak Canyon. Past the dam and up Kwaay Paay for a little more punishment. Then back down and return to the equestrian staging area.

Any of you PCT 50'rs looking for a "cooldown" run, come on out. I think it's about 15 or 16 miles total but don't quote me on that : )


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