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Pre-Lunch Disc Golf
18 Holes and be home for a late lunch.

Cedar Hills Rotary Park

5600 Sweetbriar Dr · Raleigh, NC

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Meet other local fans of Disc Golf, a combination of Frisbee and golf. Make new friends while learning to play the game.

This group is welcome to all skill levels including beginners. We're not all crazy about rules, we are out to have fun. That said, we share the courses with other disc golfers so please make note of the following PDGA courtesy rules. Regarding excessive time, again we are welcome to all. But we can make sure not to take too long by keeping our groups small. Even if there are only 5 people at a meetup, unless the course is crowded, we need to split it into 2 groups, because a fivesome just takes too long. Even a foursome can be problematic - if there are 4 people there, take a vote. If it's a 2-2 tie, those are the teams. Other than that we will keep in groups of 2 or 3. This should allow everyone to play at the pace they prefer.

801.01 Courtesy

A. Players should not throw until they are certain that the thrown disc will not distract another player or potentially injure anyone present. Players should watch the other members of their group throw in order to aid in locating errant throws and to ensure compliance with the rules.

B. Players should take care not to produce any distracting noises or any potential visual distractions for other players who are throwing. Examples of discourteous actions are: shouting, cursing, freestyling, slapping course equipment, throwing out of turn, throwing or kicking golf bags, throwing minis, and advancing on the fairway beyond the away player. Shouting at an appropriate time to warn someone in danger of being struck by a disc is not a violation of courtesy.

C. Refusal to perform an action expected by the rules, such as assisting in the search for a lost disc, moving discs or equipment, or keeping score properly, etc., is a courtesy violation.

D. Littering is a courtesy violation.

E. Courtesy dictates that players who smoke should not allow their smoke to disturb other players. Smokers should extinguish their cigarettes and carry their cigarette butts to a trash can. Disposing of cigarette butts by dropping them on the ground is littering.

801.03 Excessive Time

A. A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed to each player to make a throw after:

The previous player has thrown; and,
The player has taken a reasonable time to arrive at the disc and mark the lie; and,
The playing area is clear and free of distractions.

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