Free NASA lectures: Darkness Surrounds Us: The Other 95% Of The Universe

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Please note: All lectures are now moving to the much larger Beckman Auditorium right around the corner from where they used to be.

All the material we can see is just a small fraction of the universe. The rest, a full 95 percent, is invisible and mysterious. These are the enigmatic dark matter and dark energy. While dark matter keeps things like galaxies together, dark energy acts in an opposite way – it pushes groups of galaxies apart and expands the universe itself. This event will discuss how astronomers are working to map the universe’s dark matter so they can see the effects of dark energy. The results could help us understand if the universe will expand at an accelerating rate forever.

Preston Dyches

Alina Kiessling — Astrophysicist, NASA-JPL
Jason Rhodes — Astrophysicist, NASA-JPL

The address says 1200 E. Colorado but that's the general address for the CalTech Campus. Beckman Auditorium is near Del Mar and Michigan but since they are putting a building where the parking used to be I'm not sure where to tell you to park but you can still do so on Holliston and San Pasqual. There is a lot that's free there.

This map points to Ramo but Beckman is the round building behind it.

We usually head over to Dog Haus or Melt It! next door @ Hill and Union just north of Colorado on Hill to talk afterwards.