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Lani Renee is the owner of The Mountain High Mystery School in Denver Colorado. Located just south of I-70 at Harlan and 44th at 6073 W. 44th Ave., Suite 200, in Wheat Ridge, CO. Lani Renee has created a space for the mysteries to unite with the souls who seek their truth for over 16 years, and is dedicated to her spiritual guideship both privately and with her progressive alchemist's. Her work is spiritual, practical, magical, and transformational. Lani is a true pioneer gifted in bringing in the magic of the ancient mystery teachings and upholding the sanctity and tradition of the sacred ways.

She has 21 years of experience that started in her upbringing in California, her degree in Health Science from SDSU, 16 years in the fitness industry, a lifetime of seeking, searching, learning, and experiencing alternative spiritual disciplines, which then manifested in Florida when she opened her first Spiritual Center, Sacred Space, to in 2010, moved her and her family to Colorado where her work and The Mountain High Mystery School has continued to grow and transform 1000's of lives. Lani Renee is magical, her legacy is magical, and her hope is that world can be magical...

You will be inspired by the beauty of the space, the reverence for the teachings, and the heart & soul of our community and brotherhood/sisterhood that continually honors the Great Work of The Hierarchy of Light.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Lani at: 303.913.3395

We honor the sacred traditions, and stands for the spiritual integrity necessary for true growth and for the progression of every human soul. Offering a spiritual education and magical experience that is truly life-transforming! It is our belief that every seeking soul has a special destiny, and with the right intention, the right teachings, and personal dedication, the mysteries can facilitate universal change that nurtures the well-being, and life-changing transformation of every living soul.

Lani Renee & The Mountain High Mystery School 6073 W. 44th Ave. Suite 200, Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033 303.467.0633

About Lani Renee…

The creator of The Mountain High Mystery School is an extraordinary woman who is passionate and committed to the work of creating spiritual beauty and facilitating true spiritual progression. She has dedicated her life to the soulful care of her own sacred spiritual path, and sacred community. Dedicated to the Universal Mystery Teachings, her clients and students, she has created a sacred place that supports the true guardianship of the great work of The Hierarchy of Light.

Lani Renee has lived in two worlds, one of a worldly reality, and one of her beloved spirituality. She found sacred ground when her story came to a crossroad a long time ago when spirit seemed to be her only salvation. This intersection of divine intervention became Lani’s spiritual journey, and as it happened more often her course clearly was guided by a greater divine purpose, which she now dedicated her life to. Lani has had many great healers and teachers to thank, as well as great friendships in those she guides, and a lifetime of magical experiences that has been both heavenly and earthbound. Her guideship is contagious and based on a brotherly and sisterly love. Lani has been successful both in career, and life, but it is her deep passion for higher spiritual learning and for the understanding of the mysteries that surpasses any and all success. Lani is a highly educated and trained spiritual alchemist, devoted high priestess who serves the high temple, and a dedicated soul who holds the space for others to deepen their own spiritual journeys. Her dynamic skill combined with her sacred footsteps, and love and respect for the work of the light, makes this magical spiritualist a strong force in helping people in today’s struggling world find an exclusive and beautiful sacred sanctuary for all spiritual seekers to call home!

Our Mission…

Our Mission is to Change Lives! One soul at a time…


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