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What we’re about

Get ready to enhance your self-improvement and work-related skills in a dynamic and supportive environment. Join us to:
1. Actively Engage: Instead of passively observing, become the main agent in exciting and memorable discussions. Interact with like-minded individuals and create valuable connections.
2. Efficient Information: Stay informed about current events and gain diverse perspectives. Discover new insights that can shape your direction and open up new opportunities.
3. Empowerment and Networking: Connect with powerful individuals who share your goals. Learn essential networking techniques to boost your social skills and maximize your potential.
4. Inspirational Examples: Hear success stories from great networkers and be motivated by their results. Learn from their experiences and apply effective strategies.
5. Critical Insights: Gain valuable tips to overcome challenges on your chosen path. Whether you're an employee or a business owner, networking is crucial for success.
Operating Principles:
1. Minimal Preparation: Spend a small amount of time preparing for each meetup. We value your time and ensure a balanced participation experience.
2. Relevant Preparation: Focus on topics you know well or are passionate about.
For First-Time Joiners:
1. Name Introduction: Take a brief moment to introduce yourself, making your name memorable. Share aspects that reflect your interests and message.
2. Motivation to Join: Explain what sparked your interest in this meetup. Discuss role models who inspired you in the context of networking.
Join us on this journey of self-improvement and business networking. Practice, connect, and unlock new opportunities. RSVP now for the Discussion Practice Using Business Networking Topics Meetup: 商務社交實踐!