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Group Distance Reiki

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Group Distance Reiki


Hello! I am hosting a online Distance Group Reiki Session! This will last for an hour and attendance will be capped at 10 people. I am super excited to host and be the conduit for your energy healing. Stay relaxed, save on gas, and receive the healing you need where ever you are! To allow for increased connection, please message me your name, location, a little about yourself, what your intentions or healing needs are at the moment, and a picture of yourself (if you are comfortable). It is not necessary to have a picture, but it does help. Group healing not only allows me to connect to the group as a whole, but to channel healing to each individual for their very specific needs and intentions. Because several of us are all connecting to the same healing intention and space I create for us, it also amplifies the overall healing taking place. This healing will not only raise our individual vibrations and frequencies, but contribute to increasing the frequency of our planet. Thank you for you time and energy on this page!
-Peace, Love, and Light.

Distance Group Reiki Sessions
Distance Group Reiki Sessions
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