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Magic Moments

Travelling India is always something very special. With its very unique facets South India fascinates and polarizes every visitor equally.
Spiritual journeys to India enable us to get to know a new perspective and they change our view of the world. Also they create space for the transformation of our souls.

Power spots full of energy, special encounters with Siddhas and yogis as well as highest spiritual knowledge are waiting for you on this 12-day trip.
Make your decision to undergo an incredible time of spiritual power (Shakti) and open yourself up for special experiences which will touch the deepest layers of your soul.

Travel itinery

Day 1:
Our trip starts in Chennai where we will spend our first night.

Day 2:
Around noon after visiting the mighty temple Kapaliswarar we will drive together to Tiruvannamalai.
The little town of Tiruvannamalai is situated at the bottom of the holy mountain Arunachala (, which is considered as the manifestation of the Goddess Shiva. Sri Ramana Maharshi was living there until 1950. He is one of the most famous representative and wise man of Advaita-Vedanta of the 20th century.
This is a wonderful video ( giving an overview about the impressive teaching of this worldwide famous master.

Our accomodation is our home in Tiruvannamalai, an energy spot bearing a lot of spiritual energy (Shakti) inside. Its name is Divine Light Temple. It is located just outside of the town center of Tiruvannamalai. It is a beautiful, small and dreamy Ashram overviewing flowers, rice fields and the legendary mountain Arunachala. It is a place filled with perceivable energy and vibrations and it is regularly visited by people practicing yoga.

Day 3-5:
From there we will drive together to powerful places, amongst other it is possible to make special encounters with very special people practicing yoga.
That way, we will get to know Ayya. Since 11 years he is living in a cave. He neither eats nor drinks (Muni). He will take us to secret places filled by spiritual vibrations.
We will visit the Shiva Temple Arunachaleswara and we will wander around the Arunachala (Giripradakshina).
Satsang with Bharati will be part of our program as well as fire pujas and singing of bhajans.

Day 6:
In the morning we will travel to Tirupati. During the 8 hours’ drive Bharati will give an introductory seminar into the meaning of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in which she will pass on all her spiritual knowledge about this topic.
Overnight stay in Tirupati.

Day 7:
Between 4-5am we will visit the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple and we will spend the day there.
Satsang with Bharati in the evening.
Overnight stay in Tirupati.

Day 8:
We will spend time with a powerful yogi, we will mediate and visit a wonderful Hanuman Temple.
Overnight stay in Tirupati.

Day 9:
Trip to Kalahasti and visit of the Srikalahasti Tempels.
In the evening we will continue the journey to Vellore.
Overnight stay in Vellore.

Day 10:
We will get to know Mahananda Siddha who possesses special powers and skills. At the moment is is building a temple. He does either drink or eat.
Overnight stay in Vellore.

Day 11:
Trip to Tiruvannamalai.

Day 12:
Our journey ends on January 20th. The drive to our hotel in Chennai with an A/C bus is scheduled at noon. In Chennai you may spend some time on your own to explore the city or go shopping before you fly home.

Open your mind for very special experiences!

On our journeys, it essential to follow the energy. Therefore, changes to previously made plans are possible at any time. Bharati is connected to very extraordinary people and places in India. When she is travelling with her groups it might happen that vibrations are so strong that the group changes its plans spontaneously. In these cases, it is possible that e.g. a lunch is skipped.

If people open themselves completely for the journey very often they experience surprising and divine appearances. Therefore you should be open and flexible if want to be part of this trip. The divine actually acts beyond rational understanding - on the level of our hearts and souls.

Travel dates:
28th February – 10th March, 2016

Travel costs: € 1,790.00 incl. nights in a double room and transportation costs in India.

Individual costs for the travel to India as well as meals and admissions are to be paid by the participant. Further costs, e.g. material for Puja, flowers and donations at temples can occur.

Children until 5 years of age are free of charge. Children aged between 6 and 12 years of age pay half price.

Reduction for couples: € 250,00
Single room surcharge: € 295,00

Early bird discount until 30th August 2015: € 90,00

Contact for further information:

Phone: +497706-9789693

For more information and news from Bharati please visit her Spiritbalance Shop (, youtube channel ( or her blog ( You can also follow her on facebook ( and twitter (!

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