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DISTRICT 1 YOGA in a nutshell :

District 1 Yoga may have seemingly been operating simply yoga classes and events, but we are not the regular yoga studios if you have noticed.
We bring about fusions, good vibes and unique experience to the yoga community, providing an avenue for all to bond and socialize.

Our Humble Beginnings :

Confined classroom style yoga, we totally respect that, but we see beyond what a yoga session should essentially be, fun and meaningful.

Bearing this principle in mind, we introduced Singapore's first ever :

• Yoga From the Sky- Above the BAY @ 158m High

• Beer Yoga & Citylights

• Wine Yoga & Citylights

• Japanese Yoga & Sushi

• SUNRISE Yoga & Breakfast by the OCEAN

• SUNSET Yoga & Movie by the OCEAN

• Yoga & Movie Under the STARS

• Yoga Glampers| A 5 Stars Retreat by the OCEAN

Through our classes and events, we observed that the yoga community are starting to be more interactive, they mingle, discuss, chat, with frequent smiles and laughter over breakfast, beer, wine, sushi, movie and so on.

The sight of it all is always satisfying, as we know that we have achieved what we set out to do, to create a community of yogis, and not creating a class of yoga students.

The SEXY Story :

Throughout the years, we have listened to the laments from the local yoga community. We have heard you and totally acknowledged how frustrating it gets even for the most ‘zenned' out yogi, after knowing the regular price of a yoga class.

We certainly have not overlook the real cost of running a studio in Singapore’s chaotic urban world, pretty sure everyone could relate to this particular one of the many overused excuses. Duh. We are just here to understand everyone and most importantly, to simply recognize that most of us can’t afford 25-30$ a pop for a regular yoga class.

With the demands of modern city life, where people pay a premium for something ordinary, we instead, have decided to be ordinary but exceptional.

At District 1 Yoga, we don’t pretend to sell enlightenment, one does not need to be in a Zen monastery to be Zen. The fact is, true Zen does not smell of Zen. So lets not encourage each other to pretend to live in a state of Zen, not when you’re living in Singapore city. Anyone who's ever practiced yoga outside knows it's pretty much the best. Feeling the grass under your feet, and actually saluting the sun during a sun salutation, not the ceiling. And because District 1 Yoga happens outdoors, we assure you that you’re not paying the overhead for a brick-and-mortar location.

• An ORDINARY venue, or so they say (no 'premium' brick-and-mortar facilities.)

• An OUT-OF-ORDINARY price, ($8.50 Come on. It’s more affordable than a cheap yoga class.)

• With an EXCEPTIONAL experience, (guaranteed an Instagram-worthy experience)

Come join us in being ordinary but exceptional. And what do we mean by exceptional?


Well, we can’t promise you will achieve enlightenment, but you will certainly look the part at our most beautiful locations in Singapore. We could promise a stronger core and booty too, from the guidance of our team of exceptional Yoga instructors with years of coaching experience.

Check out our:

Core & Booty Yoga @ ONE Fullerton (https://www.facebook.com/events/2024431064500112/)

Yoga Sculpt Circuit| MOVE, MOOD, MOVIE (https://www.facebook.com/events/402649996852493/)

We also promise private invitations to UNPRECEDENTED & EXCLUSIVE yoga events from the sky to beyond the norm. While being told the whole time to conform to being the average, we invite you to explore the infinite possibilities from average to 'beer-verage' and Vinyasa to 'Vino-yasa', or just simply unwind from the sky at 158m high.

The ONE & ONLY Unique Yoga Phenomenon in Singapore, With EXCEPTIONAL experiences never seen before.

Go Beyond, be Amazed, and be High Above All.

The above we'll deliver. The rest is up to you. Namaste.

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Boxing Circuit Training

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