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What we’re about

This group is all about how to improve your life after a divorce. We will tackle how to heal emotionally and moving on. We will also talk about the possibility of starting a new relationship, while avoiding the mistakes of the past.

If you are a single parent, then you know that your happiness can significantly influence your kids' mental development. You owe yourself and your kids to have emotional well being and a positive mindset. We will talk about how to achieve that, and how to get rid of the negative thinking, over-thinking, and negative emotions.

"Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." — L. Ron Hubbard.

Some of the things we will talk about in this group:

- How to let go of the past
- How to recover from emotional abuse
- How to be independent instead of co-dependent
- How to ready yourself emotionally to date again
- How to recognize narcissistic and toxic personalities
- How to know whether someone is compatible with you
- How to improve communication and understanding in your new relationship

You can have a beautiful future, a future where you are happy, strong, and have a wonderful relationship! Let's get get started! Come to our next group meeting!

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center in Sacramento, California.