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Getting a divorce? Feeling crappy? Or are you finding that your friends and family don't quite understand what it feels like? Hard to talk about it to your mates?

The Divorce Club Meetup is hosted by people who have been through a divorce and who found it hard to meet new people who understood what they were going through, and who also found it hard to meet people who were single and looking to make friends.

The other reason for starting Divorce Club is that there was so much different information and myths out there, that divorce felt overwhelming. We found that to get a simple answer could cost hundreds of pounds from lawyers, and that was money we felt we could not afford to spend.

Divorce Club aims to provide expert information which will take the mystery and fear out of divorce. We have guest speakers from top law firms, mediators, psychologists, parenting experts, divorce coaches, financial advisors, dating experts and many more. All this expert advice costs a lot of money but the experts are giving up their time for next to nothing because they believe in our endeavour to make divorce easier.

We host a free meetup group once a month, however, to access the question and answer sessions, you need to be a member. We wanted to keep the cost low to make it as inclusive as possible, but also need to cover our costs of hosting.

So for £7.99, you can get inclusive access to all of our events, access to chat in our private community, and a service which aims to match you with friends. The first month is free.

So we hope that you invest in giving yourself a better divorce, and a better recovery.

Join us at https://divorceclub.com/members/

We look forward to meeting you!

Lucy Davis & Isabelle Hung

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Communication for cooperation, not conflict

Online event

Do you find communicating with your ex a challenge? Do you feel dread when you see a message come in from your child’s other parent? Does discussing coparenting matters spark drama?

In this webinar/Q&A session, Divorce Coach Lucy Williamson will talk you through techniques to communicate for cooperation not conflict. From ways to stay calm to tips for using tech, join us to learn some easy yet effective skills to help you, even if you have a tricky ex.

This will be a fun and friendly session where you can learn strategies to use immediately. And this talk is different to other communication sessions as it also takes into consideration what it is like for you, having to communicate with someone who can seem impossible.

Lucy Williamson is a coach specialising in helping mums and dads during divorce and beyond. She has extensive experience of high conflict divorce and as a former teacher (and divorced mum of three), she is here not only to help you, but to help you to get things right for your children.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer you this communication expert for free if you sign up via our website: https://divorceclub.com/event/

You will also get talks from many other professionals from lawyers, psychologists, mediators and financial advisors...... and many others.

We hope that you will come to trust us as the place to get good advice and tailored support.

Here are Lucy Williamson's details:

Instagram @lucywilliamsoncoaching
E mail: [masked]
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lucywilliamsoncoach/

Goal setting and catch-up

Online event

Divorce is a real opportunity for change, as you have the freedom to do so much more.

You can rediscover who you are, what you want to do, reclaim your passions and your purpose.

In the “Goal setting and catch-up” the aim is to create a place where you can join others to explore your goals, define them and work out a plan to fulfil them.

Dr Isabelle Hung, who facilitates, the group, is a clinical psychologist who specialises in helping people make changes to their identity by identifying value-led goals, and working with people to achieve them.

The group will check in fortnightly to see the progress you have made towards your goals. And, if there has been no progress, the group is here to offer the support and encouragement you might need.

There will also be time for some general chit chat.

You will be in small groups so that you have the opportunity to get to know people.

Change is nearly always frightening and difficult, especially after a divorce. We hope that this meetup will make it fun and exciting.


We meet on Zoom.

To attend the “Goal setting” series of events, you’ll need to be a DC member (https://divorceclub.com/members/) which is free for 3 months.
Then register at https://divorceclub.com/event/the-discomfort-zone/.

Membership will include weekly online events with experts such as lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, psychologists and mediators; regular social events; an invitation to our private chat area with other divorcees and the chance to connect personally with other members who are going through similar bumps in the road to you.

Can you divorce without a lawyer? - How a Mckenzie friend can help.

Graham Fletcher is a Divorce Coach, Mckenzie Friend and author on “how to present your own case in family courts against lawyers". Graham achieved successful outcomes in his own divorce in family courts for child arrangements and divorce finances. He did so with the support of a McKenzie Friend after paying very high fees for a barrister to say “Mr Fletcher doesn’t agree”. His children live with both parents equally

Trained as a qualified mentor Graham is passionate about helping parents see through the legal jargon that is used by solicitors. He focuses on empowering clients to understand the processes and criteria involved and provide the emotional support and guidance needed to navigate the road to a new future. He uses his own experience of gaining positive outcomes without using a lawyer to inspire other parents to do the same.

Negotiating with your ex-partner, their solicitors or presenting your own case to a Judge can initially seem like quite a daunting experience and involve very high legal bills if conflict is high and emotions raw .

Graham offers positive thinking solution focused strategies to help parents think clearly about their options and future actions. He is skilled at supporting out of court solutions and is very conflict reduction focused in his approach

He has over 140 5 star reviews online, been interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford and was a guest speaker at the UK’s first ever “Divorce fair”

In Graham’s Divorce club zoom talk, he will share insights and information that can help divorcing parents carefully consider whether they may be able to navigate through their own divorce negotiations with the support of a Divorce Coach and Mckenzie Friend.

Please to attend, you will need to join Divorceclub.com for free. Sign here (https://divorceclub.com/event/) to to attend this, and other events for free.

Amicable - Learn if this online divorce company can help you avoid lawyers.

Divorce is an expensive business in which the lawyers can make a load of money while you fall out even more spectacularly with your ex.

Amicable is an online divorce service setup after one of the co-founders had a traumatic divorce and thought, "this can be done better and cheaper", and so that everyone stays amicable and keeps their money.

Amicable invite you to hear about how their service can work for you and there will be time for you to ask if and how they can help with your individual case.

To attend, please join our group: https://divorceclub.com/members/ and then either sign up there or let us know on the meetup.

We hold several talks and meetings a month. Top experts such as lawyers, mediators, parenting experts and therapists are giving advice and answering your questions for the monthly price of a coffee and cake.

We have supported people through their divorces and our onto the other side for years. So come and join our growing community.

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Divorcing a narcissist - Share your experiences.

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