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Meet the Clair's with Medium Patty Horton Clairvoyance
Meet the Clair’s with Medium Patty Horton Week # 1 Clairvoyance $25.00 to attend Clairvoyance is your ability to see clearly the images delivered to you from the Spirit World during a reading or as you gather information that serves you best. Yes, in this evenings class you will be working together with your own clairvoyant abilities as Patty teaches you from her place of experience. Patty will teach you how to develop a deeper understanding of how clairvoyance works as she takes you through some simple exercises to strengthen that muscle. You will not only learn how to use it for your selves, you will also learn how to use it to gain information for others. During your time together she will help you to develop a deeper rapport with your own guides in the spirit world as you learn to tune into the pictures, symbols and signs given from a clairvoyant perspective. You will access the information which is gathered from the third eye perspective and begin to see clearly what is being relayed to you in the form of imagery. What to expect from this Class 1. An understanding of what Clairvoyance is and how it works 2. Guided imagery through a meditative state 3. Gathering information for yourselves and others 4. Practical exercises with your peers in the classroom What you will need for Class 1. A journal to write within as this becomes your partner in your learning 2. An open mind and a loving heart 3. A willingness to learn together as a group All levels are welcomed to the classroom. As you will see Patty teaches in a down to earth style which is easy to understand. Her philosophy is to keep it simple, this is how the spirit world has encouraged her teach. It is from this platform that all souls are fed from her own place of knowledge.

INSIDE- Holistic and Cultural Arts Center

1241 N. Green Street · McHenry, IL

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This meetup is to explore and discover all the tools available for personal growth! Meditation, Hypnosis, Bodywork, Music, Gongs, Sacred Symbols, Tarot and more. We welcome curious people and experts alike and are here to share our wisdom and knowledge with each other in a safe, comfortable, local environment. We are non-religious yet spiritual, open minded but practical, friendly but not creepy and a lot of fun! You can use these great tools on yourself, your family, your loved ones, your friends, your pets, co-workers, strangers... There is a science and wisdom behind everything here.

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