Spiritual Development Circle with Medium Patty Horton

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Please join Medium Patty Horton for a bi-weekly Spiritual and Fundamental Development Circle where you will vibe together as a group and grow together as a whole. This class is a great opportunity to open the doorway to your own personal development and a place where you can allow your gifts to blossom.

This circle is based on Spirituality and is geared towards the personal development of each person’s individual growth. You will learn that when you begin to build a solid foundation beneath your own two feet your spiritual gifts will have a solid structure to stand upon.

Patty wants you to know that each person has a team of guides and teachers within the Spirit World waiting for the chance to work with them. She will teach you the importance of learning to work with your own team and will assist you more fully so that you can develop that connection for yourselves.

She will guide you down the path of simplicity and will use guided meditation as a staple during your time together. Patty will teach you how meditation is key to your own individual growth and will use music and guided imagery to assist you in your practices. Meditation is a discipline that she believes is important to each and every person’s spiritual development and these classes will help you to utilize those practices outside of the classroom.

She will introduce you weekly to inspired writing and the importance of making your journal a part of your daily practice. Each week she will cover different topics and put into practice different exercises as a way to connect you to the tools that are available to you as you open up to the beauty within you.

Patty will teach you about timing, patience and the importance of understanding your own place upon the path. This is where you become empowered as an individual and cognizant of your individuality.

This circle is for the human being seeking a spiritual connection and will support each person’s individuality. All levels of development are welcome to the circle as it becomes a space where each student has the potential to gain a deeper understanding of their own spiritual nature.
Please know that when you gather together as a group all levels of development are enhanced and amplified as you learn from one another.
This is where you will get the opportunity to practice your individual development in a safe and loving environment.

There are no requirements to be a part of this circle, all that is asked of you is that you come to class with an opened mind and a loving heart and understand that Spirit will take care of the rest.

These classes will be expansive and will build upon your own development as the week’s progress. Just remember to be kind, gentle and loving with yourselves as you grow within a group of many. Be mindful that there is no hurry and know that each person will develop at their own pace. Be prepared to have fun and to make new friends as you share your experiences within this loving environment.

Please bring your journals and a pen to write with each week as journaling will become a part of your daily work…..For it is through the pen and onto the paper that the wisdom from within each of you will be revealed as you come into your own.

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