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Ned Jackson Lovely: Flask for Django Developers

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About the talk:

Flask is a microframework for building Python web applications. Inspired by an April Fools joke, it has grown into a useful tool for quickly building Python web applications. In this talk, we'll talk about the basics of building a Flask app, including testing, templates, sessions, third-party applications, JSON APIs, and more. There will be some comparing and contrasting with Django, with a focus on helping Django users understand the choices Flask has made.

About the speaker:

Ned Jackson Lovely is a full-stack Python engineer from Boston, MA. He is a principal engineer at Spotify in Somerville, MA. At various points in his life he has been a freelance software consultant, a high school science teacher, and a product manager. His coolest job was getting paid to teach physics and go on roller coasters at Walt Disney World.

About the sponsor:

Sponsorship is still open for this event. Email the organizers if you're interested in sponsoring drinks.

8 Cambridge Center · Cambridge, MA