What we're about

The Mission of DMV Creators Hub is to assemble creative communities in the Washington, DC area (DC, MD, VA) to create original content through collaboration and networking. We are based in Fairfax, VA (Dunn Loring Station) near Mosaic District with a physical location.

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DMV Creators Hub is headquartered in Fairfax, VA at Virak Studio. Virak Studio is a commercial warehouse media production studio that offers Photography, Video/Editing, Educational Workshops and Space Rental.

Editor's Message:
"I've been overwhelmed with the amount of business I've been receiving but simply do not have the time to honor all of them (from corporate live streaming/video gigs to weddings and headshots). I'm also in need of photographers, editors that can help fulfill these projects.

I originally started DMV Creators Hub to create a pool of creative talent I can pull from periodically. But as business grows I feel I'm getting further away from personal passion projects that I want to get back into - like creating short films.

Not everything needs to be monetized. I believe it's important to connect to like-minded individuals that have a desire to work in an environment where the goal is to create good, enjoyable content. This can be in the form of a short film, YouTube video or even a novel.

Let's get together, learn from each other and make content!" -Virak

Group History:
- 2016: Originally started as PhotoFest - an annual event designed for aspiring photographers and models.
- 2018: Ownership was transferred to District Fashion.
- 2022: Ownership has returned to original founder under the name, Virak Studio. Virak Studio opened up in Fairfax, VA in February, 2020. More information can be found at www.VirakStudio.com
- Oct 22: Still owned and headquartered by Virak Studio but under the new name, "DMV Creators Hub" to denote its expansion and outreach beyond photography.