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Pathfinder Michal's Campaign continued !

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The Party just finished the adventure in Howling Wolf ( finishing off Thomas and finding out about the activities of the cult in Magnamar ) what will they do next ? what is the future of Howling Wolf ? Who was the mysterious man who helped them in their fight ... so many questions and so far not a whole lot of answers ...

Will Shadrah embrace his inner dragon ... or will there be other tempting alternatives ?

Will Ophelia shine as a beacon of balance ... or will she sway a different path ?

Will Fritters find his inner rage or will it consume him wholly ?

And let's not forget our cleric of Desna .. what will he do , who did he see at the scene of the fight ? Why is howling wolf such an important place to be protecetd by both Desna and Iomade ? Why was he chosen to be the guardian and what is he really guarding ? ....

Who are the two strangers that joined their party ... and where did they come from ... and who is the stranger with no name ... why is he even there ? hm....

We shall see what our adventurers come up with this time ... in a new setting this time it's a big city !