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August Meetup: Isle of Dread D&D Next at Pandemonium

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We'll be playing another session of D&D Next (the 5E playtest) at Pandemonium! You don't need to have played in our earlier sessions to join this game; this is your chance to see what WOTC is planning for the next edition of D&D.

Important: WOTC updated the rules again on 08/02/2013, so please do download and check out the new test materials.

We are continuing with the pulp classic adventure X-1: "The Isle of Dread."

You can get a free copy of the playtest rules by signing up at and downloading the playtest packet. Feel free to read the Player's packet, but don't read the adventure. (You're also welcome to play if you haven't read the rules, because part of the playtest (as far as we're concerned) is finding out how easy it is to teach the new rules.) Pregenerated characters, pencils, paper, and dice will be provided.

We will meet in Pandemonium's gaming area. Turn right after entering the building and look for the guy in the D&D t-shirt. They've got a huge play area, and no other events scheduled that day. There are vending machines for soda and snacks, too!

(If you've never been there, it's easy to drive past Pandemonium. You can't see the sign if you're driving southbound on Middlebelt!)

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