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Planet Eris Campaign: Palace of the Vampire Queen (Session 17)

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Planet Eris is an ongoing OD&D White Box ( campaign that uses the Planet Eris ( house rules. Emphasis is on old-school dungeoneering, especially megadungeon-style play.

Originally published in 1976, Palace of the Vampire Queen, is the first ever stand-alone D&D module distributed by TSR. This is a multi-level dungeon adventure for beginning & experienced players, run by DM Jimm Johnson. New characters will be created at the table before play begins. Returning characters from Skull Mountain and the Urchin Isles are also welcome.

"For æons the dwarves of Baalor Island have dwelt in the shadow of the Vampire Queen's mountain palace. Long has the dark queen slept, her unholy deeds fading into children's bedtime-tales. But something within those dark, ancient halls is stirring once more and evil, like a chill shadow, stretches silently from Baalor Island. Pirate ships crewed by the living dead have been sighted and strange Stygian cults, long outlawed, have resurfaced in the city of Strongmoor. The streets are no longer safe. Murder and nocturnal abductions have become commonplace. The daughter of Sea-King Araman has gone missing, seduced, as the king believes, by a Stygian vampire cult. The king has offered fabulous riches to any who brave the mountain stronghold of the Vampire Queen and rescue his daughter. But to those adventurers of surpassing skill and strength: any who return with the garlic-stuffed head of the ancient Vampress will be awarded land-holdings and royal titles!"

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