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Legend of the Five Rings: Heroes of Rokugan

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Heroes of Rokugan III: Spirit of Bushido tells the story of an empire on the political brink. The return of honored ancestors through Oblivion's Gate shakes the rule of the nascent Toturi Dynasty, but it is still a time for hope. The Lying Darkness has been slain, the treacherous Kolat expunged, and mortal heroes rule the heavens as the Moon and the Sun.

Into this environment, the Toturi Dynasty resumes a beloved tradition. The Topaz Championship, in the village of Tsuma, to determine the most outstanding young samurai in the empire...

Legend of the Five Rings is a d10-based role-playing game wherein players assume the role of bushi, courtiers, or shugenja of the eight Great Clans of Rokugan. All are samurai, bound to the code of bushido and the order of the Celestial Heavens, It has a very strong emphasis on role play interaction and much of the excitement in each adventure comes from character interactions.

Heroes of Rokugan is a mix of your standard tabletop adventures and special LARP adventures called interactives. We'll be running one such interactive on Sunday, March 16th. We're always welcoming new players and I hope some of you fine folks drop by to check us out!