D&D 5e at Toy Joy Hyde Park


Muster your sense of adventure for Dungeons and Dragons! We'll be rallying together every Monday night at 7 PM to play some D&D over at Toy Joy in Hyde Park. No previous experience needed, and we're happy to teach rules and help you build a character.

We'll play using the current (and awesome) 5th edition of D&D, and will play using the Adventurers League rules. (And if you've never heard of that, don't worry about it. We'll explain it.) That way you can take your character to other game nights and conventions, like Role Play Rally! We'll also be playing games designed to run in a single night, so no long term commitment required.

Are you a Dungeon Master (or want to be one) looking for a place to run? We always need new DMs! Come on out and we'll get you on the roster!

And make sure you book your space at Role Play Rally, a weekend D&D convention here in Austin, taking place every January and June!

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