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Planet Eris Campaign: The Isle of Craxis

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Planet Eris is an ongoing OD&D White Box ( campaign. The Isle of Craxis is a multi-level dungeon adventure for beginning & experienced players, run by DM Alex Johnson. New characters will be created at the table before play begins. Returning characters from other Planet Eris adventures are also welcome.

On the western edge of Oros, at the end of the desolate Peda-Nils peninsula, lies the town of Stockade. Word has gone out that the baron is in need of a few good mercenaries to take care of the pirate problem. At least some are believed to operate out of a base on the Isle of Craxis. Home to a very old fortification, Craxis has come up in legend after legend across the Aeons. The legends all have two things in common: wealth and power. Just remember that nobody has plundered Craxis in Aeons for a reason. If you are lucky you will live to tell the next group of fortune seekers what that reason is.