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The One Ring RPG
This will be a long running campaign in Middle Earth using the rules and campaign settings of The One Ring, by Cubicle 7 ( Players will be expected to have a book, and will not be allowed to play races or archetypes from books they do not own. The game uses a custom set of D12s and D6s but you can use standard dice without any issue. The campaign will start in a small area of the Anduin but will grow to cover the vastness of Mirkwood, the Wilderland, Laketown, the Anduin Valley and Eriador. It is a saga based campaign where players will build up their standings across multiple communities, build homes, sanctuaries, families...and defend them against the rising power of the Shadow. The One Ring is about good against evil. Characters with evil tendencies will find themselves rapidly sliding towards the Shadow and under the power of Sauron....become NPCs...or / and dead.

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The Bangkok Role Playing Game Meetup Group is a growing group of players. We have been up and running now for almost 10 years.

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