Past Meetup

Tigard - The Game Lodge - Storm King's Thunder - Table 2 - Tier 2


Location image of event venue


Welcome to The Game Lodge, the newest shop in Tigard! New to playing? No problem! We have premade characters ready for new players to grab and start adventuring. We just need you to come down and play with us to make this happen :)

Table 2 with DM Ben: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
A tier 2 adventure - (for character levels 5 - 10).
DM Ben will be playing The Storm Kings Thunder.

7 Kythorn - Caravan duty isn't going so hot. Orcs were certainly easy to deal with, but how will the adventurers cope when giants target their precious cargo?

Please, RSVP here for the Tier 2 game only.

Table 1 is listed as a separate Meetup on the same day ( Please check the calendar.

See you there!

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