Tigard - Tier 2 Isle of the Abbey (FR) with Dan - Versus Board Games


We're looking to run Isle of the Abbey for characters level 5-6. This is the forth of a series adventures from The Ghosts of Saltmarsh hardcover campaign.

The Saltmarsh mariner's guild would like to claim a small strategically located island and build a lighthouse there.

We are capping the RSVPs at 7 to allow for walk-ins; a waitlist will be available. Due to the fact this is an on going hardcover campaign players who have attended previous sessions are given seating priority. If there are more players than there are available seats then players who RSVP will be seated first, followed by waitlisted players, then walk ins.

* This is an adventure for PCs of levels 5-6. If you do not have a Tier 2 character, you will not be able to play. Pregenerated characters will not be allowed.
NOTE: Make sure that your characters are up-to-date! If your PC is not finished when play begins, you will have to use another legal character.
* You cannot run this adventure more than once unless you use a different character; for more information, see page 12 of the Adventurers League FAQ, available at https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/FAQv82.pdf

No cost to play. You can support the store by simply making a snack or drink purchase. Or... buy some D&D material and accessories.