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D&D Adventurer's League Encounters is a public D&D campaign. Each season storyline visits a different area of the Moonsea, affecting some change there, and all the factions are involved. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn experience and renown that you can take with you to other D&D Adventurer's League Events!

Bring your D&D Adventurer's League character and Adventurers League Log sheet. If you have not played any Adventurers League Events, such as D&D Expeditions or Encounters, you can bring a new level 1 character, or a pre-generated character can be provided for you. Visit dnd.wizards.com for rules and the Adventurers League Players Guide.

If you are new to Adventurer's League and/or new to D&D, please go here first and read about the organization, how to play, and print out a new pregen character:



RSVP gives priority seating over those not signed up. Be advised that the store has no control over DM's not showing up or being sick. We try and seat everyone we can, but with limited DM's it's not always possible.

Late arrivals are not guaranteed to be seated.

Red Castle sells $5 tickets for these games, which is placed on account for you in the form of store credit. You can also make a purchase of $5 or more and request your ticket. Any unused credit can be built up to be used at a later time for larger purchases. Red Castle provides us a very comfortable space and supportive staff. We appreciate you supporting them with your purchases.