Vancouver - Tales from the Yawning Portal - Batcave Games


D&D AL random adventures at the Batcave every Saturday from 12 pm to 8 pm or later. Two time slots of 12 to 4, and 415 to 815.

-By random adventures we have a few prepared AL modules, from all seasons, ready to run, and they are run based on the number and type of players showing up (like however many tier 1 to tier 4 groups we get).

-Currently have 2 DM's to run adventures, could always use more willing to run anything if enough players show up.

-we sometimes have certs, other times we don't.

-Some tables will run the hardcover campaigns for more frequent players.

-Currently number of regulars (they don't always sign up and do miss a game or two every few months) is: 9 And we tend to have 1 to 5 random people show up.

-Please bring an officially made AL character, or join in with a pre-made PC from one of the DMs.

-Learning to make AL characters will have to happen before or after the games.