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3kingsloots Eng min 3 player Adv League SJA-02 spelljammerTrial by Fire lvl 2

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  3kingsloots Eng min 3 player Adv League SJA-02 spelljammerTrial by Fire lvl 2


3KingsLoots Eng $variant price below ;min 3 players Adventure League level 1
Professional Adventure League DM since 2017 , online DM (discord name = Killbane#6410) since 2020.
RSVP policy
To cover up cost of dm gas, parking fee down town, clean up by DM. Each player will be charge $variant price per person payable to the DM at each session. Variant price if its (3 players each $10, 4 players each $8 , 5 players each $6, 6 players each $5). I apologies for this inconvenient a head of time. The session sign up close 12 hour before the session start time.
Welcome to Spelljammer Academy! Promising recruits are trained here under the tutelage of experienced spelljammers, who prepare fledgling spacefarers for the perils of Wildspace and the Astral Sea. Cadets learn the finer points of ship-to-ship combat, space exploration, and (in some cases) clandestine operations. The newest batch of recruits has just arrived after a long, arduous sea voyage, but there’s still much to do! Although it’s business as usual at Spelljammer Academy, the new cadets soon learn that strange things are afoot.
The purpose of this adventure is to introduce the characters to Spelljammer Academy and foreshadow an unknown threat.
The amount of room per event is based on the amount of EVENT HOSTS who participate. Available space works out 3 to 7 Players per 1 HOST. Please keep an active eye on the comments and your Messages when RSVPing, new EVENT HOSTS are added pre demand so check back!
Please be nice to other players: RSVP only if you intend to show up. If your plans change and you can't make it, please un-RSVP as soon as possible. Thank you.
Required Materials
AL12 = Adventure League new rules for season 12 rules, if your new please read adventure league rules before sign up, i more then happy to answer any questions below message.
players rules link
(new free races spell jammers)
What's D&D Adventurer's League (DDAL)?
It's the official "organized play" league for 5th edition Dungeon's & Dragons. Basically stores all over the world run DDAL games, and you can take your character to any of them and have the same great experience.
In DDAL, you build your character starting from level 1 or 5 by playing DDAL legal modules (including hardcover adventures). For more information, including on how to build a legal character, please refer to the player's guide:
When advancing your character, you can use non-optional
rules found in the PH and all the books listed below. If a rule has
been reprinted in a newer resource, you must always use the
latest printing.
• Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons (FTD)
• Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse (MPMM)
• Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (SAS) (on August 16, 2022)*
• Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (SCAG)
• Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (TCE)
• Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (XGE)
• Additional options as presented in the FAQ
You may also use the rules found in the following electronic
• Elemental Evil Player’s Companion
• Locathah Rising
• The Tortle Package
Additionally, the following variant or optional rules are available:
• Chapter 6: Customization Options (PH)
• Customizing Your Origin (TCE)
• Half-Elf and Tiefling Variants (SCAG)
• Option: Human Languages (SCAG)
• Optional Class Features (TCE)
• Variant Human Traits (PH)

Roll 20 is software program for computer (very easy program which i can tutor you to use. For visual maps and character sheet if needed. This will be use for tactical combat and visual handout.
Discord is the text and audio program for computer and handheld cellphone. For all the role playing microphone usage both for audio conference.
• An up to date Log Sheet (Find a copy by clicking here
• Don't know the rules? No problem. Down load it
• A DCI#. (Don't have one? Please sign up for ( a DCI#. Don't worry if you forget)
• flag for your initiative :

COVID-19 safety measures
Masks required
Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
Let's Play D&D!
Let's Play D&D!
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1118 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest #204 · Montréal, QC
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